Leggings and capris for women

Order leggings and jeggins for women made in Canada. Our leggings, capris and capris have a high waist band that perfectly hugs women's curves to provide maximum comfort and support for the abdomen. Perfect for your daily comings and goings, or practicing your favorite sport like walking or running, our sports pants combine performance, comfort and ecology. Thanks to the proximity of our eco-responsible fabric manufacturers and our manufacturers, we are able to offer you quality leggings and capris for women while having a limited carbon footprint. Shop our online legging store now!

Our collections of leggings and capris

For sports, home or the office, our eco-friendly leggings and capris promise comfort, durability, style and more. Discover our different collections to find the colors and cuts that suit you. Our soft and comfortable fabrics will make you fall in love with your next leggings or capris!


With its high waist, designed to stay in place without tightening the waist, our Moonflower women's leggings are pants to have in your ethical wardrobe! Available in organic cotton jersey or bamboo rayon and spandex, Moonflower comes in different colors and patterns. Wear it for telecommuting or your yoga sessions, and wash and wear plenty!


Women's capris are an unbeatable classic. If we love it for its four-season versatility and its comfort, Message Factory now makes you love it for its agreement with your ethical and eco-responsible values! Wear it as pants with a sporty sweater, under a dress or with your favorite tunic. With its organic cotton jersey design, our women's capris are highly durable, in addition to coming in three classic colors (black, gray and white).


Ivory leggings have many benefits; they allow you to move freely, they are made of durable and eco-friendly fabrics and are ideal during the warmer summer months. When it comes to comfort, freedom and flexibility, you honestly can't go wrong with these Ivory leggings. At 7/8 length, they are longer than corsairs and cut off your leg just above your ankles. Combining both fashion and function, these leggings are a breath of fresh air. Think of them as the perfect happy medium for people who don't want a long style like the Moonflower but find capris too short for them.

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