1% to make a difference

1% to make a difference

In an environment where we all depend on each other for our survival, for a better world, we have to make sure that giving and receiving meet endlessly.

Each year, we give back 1% of our sales to organizations that share our values ​​and that we hold dear.

For the next year, we have decided to support the organization La rue de Femmes, to which we will donate 1% of direct sales.

Since 1994, La rue des Femmes has been welcoming and caring for homeless women. Survivors of extreme trauma, these women are in a state of chronic post-traumatic stress disorder. They come from all age groups, all cultures, all walks of life. They are broken, have lost their relational health - the vital ability to be secure and connected, with oneself and with others. They want care to heal, regain their potential, and their life!

In 2020, La rue des Femmes treated more than 1,000 different women. In addition to meeting basic needs (accommodation, hot meals, clothing appropriate to the temperature), La rue des Femmes offers care and therapeutic activities (art therapy, choir, yoga, psychotherapy, etc.) that allow women to heal their trauma, and see a brighter future!

Why La rue des Femmes? because we believe that all women have the right to the well-being and the tools necessary to achieve their dreams.