All about Tank Tops for Women

Tank tops for women are an essential staple for any type of wardrobe. These sleeveless shirts come in a wide range of cuts and colors offering everything from standalone style to lovely layering. You can wear tank tops as athletic wear, undershirts, professional attire, and casual home outfits. Learn more about this do-it-all pick.

What Material Is Best for Tank Tops?

Tank tops work in almost any material, but sustainable options are best for the planet and a green lifestyle.

Organic Cotton Tank Tops

Organic cotton offers more durability than regular cotton because it's not processed with the same harsh chemicals. It's also hypoallergenic and easier on sensitive skin.

Hemp Tank Tops

Growing hemp uses less water than cotton and is easier on the environment. Hemp breathes well, prevents odors, and resists bacterial growth, making it great for travelling.

Rayon from Bamboo Tank Tops

Fabric made from bamboo is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and absorbent so it wicks away sweat. This is also an extremely soft and eco-friendly fabric.

How to Wear a Bra with Sleeveless Shirts

You don't have to wear a bra with sleeveless shirts, but if you're more comfortable with a bra on, there are several ways that you can pair your undergarments with a tank.

Wear a Seamless Bra with Your Tank Top

Seamless bras have a smooth shape sans the elastic bands that create visible lines. These are ideal for solid support under a form-fitting top.

Wear a Strapless Bra with Your Tank Top

Strapless bandeau-style bras give you a little extra coverage and support without the hassle of hiding straps. Strapless bras are a great choice with spaghetti strap tanks.

Wear a Clear Straps Bra with Your Tank Top

Clear straps give you all the support of a regular bra while making your straps less obtrusive under a tank. These straps are typically made from transparent plastic that you won't notice from a distance.

Tank Tops for Any Occasion

A tank top can work for nearly any type of occasion. Consider these options. 

Tank Tops as Work Wear

Tank top as work wear

Image via Message Factory

 Athletic Tank Tops for Your Sports Activities

Tank Top for your Sport Activities
Image via Message Factory

Tank tops for women offer the perfect solution when you need a cool top for sports and athletics. A blend with a little spandex can give you the stretch you need to move easily during any activity. You can also opt for a shelf bra tank top, giving you peace of mind as to what to wear under.

Tank Tops as Undershirts

Tank tops as undershirts

Image via Unsplash by binthieu

A tank is a great choice beneath a button-down shirt, semi-transparent tee, or another top that needs a little layering. Fitted spaghetti strap tanks are nearly invisible under your outfit.

Tank Tops as Home Outfits

Tank tops as home outfit
Image via Message Factory

Looking for a comfy go-to for leisure activities? You can slip into a tank at home as part of your pajamas or with any casual everyday outfit.


How to Style Your Tank Top

Tanks are so versatile, you can dress them up or down in an instant. Consider these options for easy styling.

Printed Tank Top

Printed tank top

Image via Message Factory

A printed tank top adds instant interest to your outfit. Use this option when you want an eye-catching top that will turn heads without any accessories at all.

Sleeveless Shirt with Scarf

Image via Flickr by DU Jenny

A scarf adds instant depth and color to your outfit. With a tank, a scarf can make your outfit a little cozier for breezy spring days. A wide scarf can even double as a shawl if you get too cool.

Oversized Tank Top with Jogger Pant

Oversized tank top with jogger pant

Image via Message Factory

For quick and comfy, you can't do better than an oversized tank and joggers. This is a great outfit for relaxing at home and knocking out your list of chores.

White Tank Tops with Jeans

White tank top with jeans

Image via Unsplash by tochibiko

Classic and timeless, a white tank top with jeans is a flawless option for casual wear. Rock this look day or night as you're out and about on the town.

Spaghetti Strap Tank Tops with Shorts or Skirt

Spaghetti Strap Tank Tops with Shorts or Skirt

Image via Unsplash by joshrh19

A spaghetti strap tank is a little more delicate than other styles. This can help dress up your shorts. Paired with a skirt, this outfit can mimic the lines of a fit and flare dress.

Tank Tops with Blazer

Tank Tops with Blazer

Image via Unsplash by napats

A tank top and blazer is a great look for a business lunch. You can elevate this option with slacks or keep it casual with a pair of jeans. You'll command the room in this outfit.


Tank tops for women are an essential piece of any wardrobe. This versatile piece can solve your style dilemmas whether you need a pretty pairing with a skirt, a casual outfit with jeans, or a professional layering option for work. Round out your collection with a few go-to tanks.

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