Travel comfortably and in style

I have the chance (let's say that I rather created my chance) to travel several times a year to teach in Europe. I had flown only once and it was a three hour flight, so I had no idea of the importance of having comfortable clothes on transatlantic flights.

During my first stay in Switzerland, quite naively, I wore jeans and a t-shirt. Poor choices across the board. The jeans made painful marks on my skin (I have very sensitive skin) and I was very cold with only a t-shirt. I told myself that I had to seriously think about updating my wardrobe, because for several years, I had been alternating between jeans, t-shirts, massage therapist uniforms, jeans, t-shirts…

Why is it so cold aboard an airplane?

The cabin is generally maintained between 22 ° C and 24 ° C. Which sounds pretty reasonable, but it's important to keep in mind that passengers rarely travel in flight. They therefore produce little body heat, hence the feeling of cold felt.

Airmen maintain a low temperature to prevent all kinds of other medical incidents as demonstrated in a study by ASTM International in 2008. The low temperature on board helps reduce breathing difficulties, fainting due to oxygen deficiency (hypoxia), nausea or feeling of suffocation.

How to travel comfortably and in style?

After several international flights, I realized that the "multilayer" is a must when traveling. And not only on the plane! This type of clothing (which I now consider my multi-layer as a lifestyle!) Is absolutely brilliant, because depending on the temperature you can add or remove layers. By plane it is practical, because I can easily warm up by putting on a jacket (my favorite: Cardigan Gingko pale gray). During my stays abroad, I can create different styles by superimposing various clothes according to the weather and my activity of the day.

Since I discovered Message Factory's clothing at the Grande Braderie de Montréal a few years ago, my multilayer style has greatly evolved. I managed to combine comfort AND style! Their clothes are superimposed on each other easily, which allows me to leave with a lightened suitcase, while having the possibility of varying my clothing on a daily basis.

So on your next plane trips, think of multilayer and Message Factory

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