Dare to dream

Dare to dream - Through meditation

Our days are often very busy! Between work, family, friends, home, sport, you have to find time for yourself. It's not easy…

It is important to stop and incorporate a break into your daily routine. Like everything, you have to start a little at a time, take 3 slow breaths a day, two minutes of silence the next day and so on.

Several studies have proven that meditation helps to release tensions, it even allows to change the morphology of our brain and thus have an impact on aging and diseases.

We must not be afraid of falling asleep or falling into hypnosis, after all, meditation is simply the action of controlling our thoughts, our breathing and focusing on what is going on inside of us, in become aware, hence the popular expression of "Mindfulness". This state helps us to take a break from the ideas, stress and hassles that inhabit our mind.

Our ambassador, Tania Boucher, who is a leadership consultant, offers us a very special guided visualization. Take a moment, comfortable, to listen to it and "Dare to dream".

This visualization will allow you to reconnect with your dream, so as to bring the vibration of its realization to another level.

Good listening!


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