COVID19 - Our measures and our commitment

A look back at the situation

As we already know, the current situation linked to COVID-19 affects everyone, disrupts our routine and invites us to reinvent ourselves. Whether within our families, within businesses or among community and government organizations, we must now find effective ways to meet a major challenge: getting closer while keeping our distance. For several weeks now, we have been inviting Quebec consumers to become aware of their consumption habits by purchasing as locally as possible, both in terms of products and services. Several initiatives have also been put in place to not only encourage a change in attitude, but to support consumers by helping them discover new local retailers. As we already know, buying means voting and we wholeheartedly hope that this new way of consuming will become a reflex and will last over time.

Our promise and our commitments

The Message Factory and OÖM Ethikwear team would like to reiterate its promise to Quebec consumers: our clothes are 100% ethical, local and handmade. While some companies have, over time, adopted partial local tailoring measures, which is certainly a very worthy effort, we remain entirely local, from the design of a garment to its shipment. With us, there are no compromises. Besides, this simple guarantee is not new. This is even our reason for being since the beginning of this great adventure. Our company is a story of conviction. All our organic and recycled fabrics give the quality and ease of maintenance specific to Message Factory products. Buying from us means choosing to make a difference by encouraging responsible business at all levels, without sacrificing style. We not only hope to be able to serve you for several more years by offering you original, locally made clothing, but we have also adopted the initiative of donating 1% of our sales to the Moisson Montréal organization during the pandemic. For 35 years, this charitable organization has collected and distributed free food donations from individuals to more than 235 community organizations on the island of Montreal.

Message Factory adapts to help you better

It goes without saying, this unprecedented situation also affects us and leads us to rethink our offer and find new ways to better serve you. It is with your safety and well-being at heart that we are proud to offer you new products that will help you better get through the crisis. Notably, our washable masks in universal sizes will give you increased protection and are available for men as well as women. In addition to being stylish and made according to Message Factory's own quality standards, they can be easily adjusted to properly cover the nose and mouth. With 3 layers, including one in knit, this washable mask will offer you maximum comfort. We also provide you with headbands and bandanas which can also help you when traveling in public. Like many of our products, these are washable and made from ethical and organic fabrics. Don't wait any longer, order yours now!

New habits to adopt

We must of course collectively adopt new habits to cope with change. Here are our hopes and our advice for the future, both near and far.

Discover new local businesses

We invite consumers to discover new local online businesses, beyond Amazon. While it is easy to keep our old consumer reflexes by going to web giants to place our orders, taking just a few minutes to discover the local offer is not only the responsible choice, but it could lead you to great discoveries.

Helping people who cannot travel during the crisis

It is also a good time to offer our help to seniors and people with reduced mobility. Do you know any? Give them a call or offer to help on social media. This could make all the difference in addition to stretching your feet between two remote working sessions!

Adopt a healthy lifestyle routine despite confinement

As the proverb says so well; Well-ordered charity begins with oneself. To better help others, there is nothing better than taking care of ourselves by adopting good lifestyle habits. It’s the perfect time to perfect your yoga, start your morning meditation again and take care of yourself.

Our hopes for the future

In short, let's take advantage of this period of crisis to reinvent ourselves and emerge even stronger. By putting a little heart and effort into it, we can develop habits that will not only be temporary, but will become lasting habits. Sending you all our love and courage.

— The Message Factory team

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