Est-ce que le monde va changer?

Will the world change

We are living a special moment in our humanity. Everything goes so fast that we often wonder how it is humanly possible to keep up.

Every day, every second of my life, I wonder how to do better and slower, how to meet the demands of such a demanding society and preserve a small piece of my living space. Simply for my own happiness and to breathe freely without pressure.

Now Covid-19 arrives and I say to myself like many others: whatever happens to the company, to the money, to the ambitions! It’s time to reinvent my life, to live my messages which take on their full meaning in the current crisis. Unfortunately, it's not that simple... There are people who cry. There are people dying. And for them, there are many others who risk their lives every day to help them, save them or accompany them in death. There are also those who work at their sewing machines to create COVID protection products like our handmade masks. There are also young and old people who stock grocery store shelves to ensure we all have something to eat. While a sea of uncertainties and storms splits the landscape as far as the eye can see, I could put my business on hold, retire to the countryside with my lover and my 3 beautiful children. Wait for calm to return and observe the damage. But no, that’s not possible. Because my desire to make the world a better place one small gesture at a time has nothing to do with a clothing company called Message Factory. I have this desire tattooed on my heart and it is what makes me get up in the morning and ask myself: what more, better, different I could do to make the world more livable. 


So it's been weeks. We create masks. THE washable masks raise awareness of Message Factory. Also, thanks to the Prime Minister's call and the open-mindedness of Quebecers, we are selling more and more eco-responsible clothing made in Quebec. A month ago, it was my boyfriend, my children and I who took care of the orders. We have kept everything to a minimum. We counted the number of days we would “last”. Today, the majority of my team is back at work, not counting the friends who come to lend a hand. In addition, I am now looking for experienced and aspiring seamstresses who would enjoy sewing the softest clothes in the world in our well-lit premises with a breathtaking view of the beautiful Richelieu River. Many wonder if the world will change. 

The world is you and me? Are we going to change? I don't have power over others, I realize that I'm going even faster than I thought I was capable of. The world will change if each of us chooses to change. I sign some of our clothes with the messages; I draw my life... I don't ride the wave, I follow the wave... 

If I make decisions and change my lifestyle and consumption habits, YES my world will change. Spend more time with family and friends. Enjoy nature. Recover, reuse, recycle, buy local, organic... I'm thinking because I believe in the power of a kinder life where we take the time to do and live things well. Yes my world is changing, changing because I am drawing my life. And you?

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