Women's long-sleeved tops

Take a look at our tops and our women's long sleeve sweaters made in Canada. Having an ethical look that illustrates your lifestyle is always in season. Our long sleeve sweaters made from sustainable or recycled materials will be the perfect complement to your everyday life! Find online your favorite confo-chic look for your fall wardrobe. Click to get more details!

Our collections of long-sleeved tops for women

We have more than ethical fashion at heart: we also want to offer you stylish pieces of clothing. Our long-sleeved sweaters are thought beyond trends - sometimes ephemeral, so you can wear them longer! Both classic and casual, they come in colors and cuts that flatter all types of silhouettes and are highly comfortable. Discover our different collections here, to find your next favorite long-sleeved shirts!


In a deep red with a vegetal pattern or a soft blue with a print, Lydia is a long-sleeved top that everyone benefits from having in her basics. Made from a blend of recycled cotton and polyester, this piece is as comfortable as it is eco-friendly. Its round collar with a perfectly designed opening adds a feminine touch to its cut. So it can be worn for any occasion; from a casual day at the office, to brunch with friends.


Wear over denim or leggings, this long-sleeved hoodie is unanimously acclaimed for its comfort, soft colors, and flattering fit. Its bamboo rayon jersey is highly durable and easy to care for! We love it for its super cute owl print, its versatility, and its promise of an instant look.


It comes in many colors and patterns, and it's not for nothing! Indeed, our NORDIK long-sleeved turtleneck sweater seems to be one of the favorites among our customers. They love it for its perfect fit, its durability, and the wider opening than the classic turtleneck. At Message Factory, we adopt it for its eco-friendly, local design and its bamboo rayon composition - which makes it a turtleneck that doesn't sting... finally!


A Long sleeve top with drooping shoulders, November is a tunic sweater with a small high collar, which offers a nice finish slightly angled at the bottom. In Graphite or Mottled Grey tones, this long-sleeved sweater is as comfortable as it looks. Ideal for mid-season, November is a great gift idea for your sister, your friend, or even for mom!


What could be more flattering than a pleated front wrap sweater! Casey, Message Factory's newest long-sleeve wraparound sweater is comfortable, versatile, and durable. Wear it in the front or back, over jeans, leggings, or a skirt - its bamboo rayon and Spandex design makes it so stretchy, you can wear it for yoga too.

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