Our employees' favorite dresses

At Message Factory, we make it our business to locally manufacture and use ecological and recycled fabrics for our collections. Behind each item of clothing, there is a team mainly of women, dynamic and dedicated moms, of different shapes, sizes and tastes who share the values of the company.

It is with this diverse team of women that we can create joyful and comfortable clothes that are advantageous for several types of silhouettes and several styles. You can visit our tips and tricks page to learn more about the cuts and models that suit your figure.

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to a part of our team and they tell us about their favorites of the summer season.

Patricia ~ Customer Service

Patricia is the face behind the chat, info @ and customer service. This is the person who provides you with information if you have questions or comments. In addition to advising and guiding you, she reports your comments internally in order to always improve. Your satisfaction is really important to him!

" I adore this dress which makes both a dressy or a casual look depending on what I use it for. I wore it yesterday and I just thought that I could put it on for a Friday night outing. As I am tall and made quite wide (silhouette in H), I need my clothes to emphasize the waist or under the chest to benefit my silhouette. I like the small pockets which allow me to put my keys or my cellphone and the small folds at the level of the belly which allows me to camouflage this small nest which carried my children. Although it is not my case, this dress makes perfectly well with those which have a voluminous chest.

Always a crush whenever this model is part of the collection ❤ "

Josianne ~ Assistant to product design and development

Josianne is the person who bridges the gap between designers, pattern makers and the final production. She ensures that all steps are well documented and followed during the product development process. Meticulous and rigorous, Josianne's work is essential to offer you a quality product!

"My dress of choice this summer is the eggplant. I will not hide from you that for the past few years comfort in my choice of clothes has been the number one priority. With young children at home, the opportunity to put on a dress Dressed is more rare on my side. The dresses I have at home are counted on the fingers of one hand, so the choice is more thoughtful during these purchases. This item highlights my strengths and with the accessories appropriate metamorphoses for all the occasions that a summer with friends, family or lovers presents to us.

Chuuuuuuuuuuut…! in addition, it also allows me to breastfeed easily.

Valérie ~   Photographer and marketing assistant

Valérie is a photographer and marketing assistant. She takes care of highlighting our clothes through her camera. It also contributes to disseminating the maximum amount of information in our social media in order to keep you abreast of our news, sales or launches!

"I love the Capucine dress! I love the V-neck at the front as well as at the back which allows me to wear a pretty necklace. The waisted size favors my mom silhouette!

I really like the print below and its veil effect. I find it classic and at the same time original. I wear it when I go out to a family restaurant. I will not fail to bring it during my next vacation since it does not crease! "

Karina ~ Marketing & Design

Karina is in charge of everything we do in marketing and web. It is a bit the right arm (and sometimes left) of the founder and she helps to advance the brand in terms of marketing and design. She listens to you and works hard to keep Message Factory known.

"The Leila dress stood up in my wardrobe last summer and I have to say that it is the most comfortable and easy to wear dress I have.

First, it slips on like a camisole and it hides the bra perfectly. Secondly I can wear it for different occasions either in sandals or with wedges. I brought it to my father's 80th birthday, for a happy hour and on vacation in the south; 3 totally different events but for which the Leila dress was perfect!

I also like it because it highlights my legs and it just camouflages in the right places. "


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