Choosing a casual dress according to your figure type

With so many types of casual dresses available on the market, it's important to have guidelines to choose the styles that suit you best. Read our practical guide to select the perfect dress for your figure type!

Choosing a casual dress according to your figure


So that you can find a casual outfit you will like, in this guide we will identify the different types of silhouettes and what kind of dresses goes best with each of them.

What are the different body types? Women come in an array of shapes and sizes. By knowing your body type, you will know how to benefit it and how to make it easier to buy your summer dresses.


Here are 4 of the most common body types:


Pyramid body shape


If you have hips that are wider than your bust, then you most likely have a pyramid shape silhouette. This is the silhouette type of nearly 80% of Quebec women.


This body type is defined by the following characteristics:



  • Your hips are wider than your bust
  • You have a defined size
  • You have a long neck and thin arms and shoulders



The key to dressing this type of figure is to emphasize the upper part of your body, emphasize your waist and decrease the focus on the lower part of the body to create an hourglass appearance.


O body shape


If you have an O-shaped body, you are generally well proportioned with a larger bust than hip section.


Here are some main characteristics of this body type:



  • You carry most of your weight in your chest
  • Your size is not well defined
  • You have a fairly broad chest and back


The key to dressing this figure type is to avoid clothes that are too tight or skinny and don't define your waist.


The inverted pyramid


This type of body shape is when your shoulder and waist measurement exceeds your hip measurement.



  • Your hips are smaller than your bust.
  • Your legs are defined.
  • The upper part of your body is more imposing than the lower part.



The trick to choosing cute everyday dresses for this body type is to bring the attention to your lower body and not your shoulders.


Hourglass body shape


If your body measurements are proportionate, you most likely have an hourglass body shape.


Here are some characteristics of this silhouette shape:


  • Your bust and hips are well balanced
  • You have a defined waist and rounded shoulders

 To benefit this type of silhouette, you need to accentuate your waist and show off your curves.


How to select the best dresses this spring for your body type?


Knowing your figure type is not enough to select the perfect little dress. Here are some tips and tricks for selecting dress styles that will look good on your body type. If you have a pyramid shaped body you should look for dresses that offer shoulder details, which emphasize your upper body. Your waist will be well defined. V-necks, dropped necklines, exposed backs, and belted casual outfits will emphasize the upper part of your body. A-line dresses or tunics will also be very advantageous for you. Opt for dresses that reach just below the knee to give the effect of elongating the silhouette. Don’t be afraid to add a waist-length bolero jacket to bring the look to your upper body.

If you have an O-shaped body you should look for everyday dresses that will accentuate your bust, legs, and arms. Strapless dresses, scoop necklines and wrap dresses will look great on you. Semi-swing dress styles are also a very good choice for women with an O-shaped figure. Generally you will be comfortable in little dresses that are not too structured at the waist.

If you have an inverted pyramid shape silhouette you'll want to select casual dresses that accentuate your legs. Any style of A-line dresses will look very pretty as they accentuate the waist making your hips and thighs appear slimmer. Opt for short dresses, with waist details like bows or an attractive color to balance out your lower half. When in doubt, add a belt to define your waist!

If you have an hourglass body shape, you will want to show off your waist and curves. This type of silhouette is perfect for bodycon dresses, structured cuts, wrap dresses and dresses with an empire waist. You should avoid dress styles that are too loose because they do not define your body. Fitted dresses that hug your curves are popular. A fitted blazer or body-buttoned cardigan will also pair well with any casual dress you choose.


Finally, all women are unique and magnificent regardless of their body shape. These dress choice recommendations according to your figure is simply a starting point to help you find the casual dresses that will make you feel good. No matter what figure you have, there are dress options for you! Hope this guide helps you find the or the models you will like Really!


Didn't we include your body type? Were there any tips and tricks we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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