Clothes and self esteem in reconstruction

Clothes and self esteem in reconstruction

Recently, I realized that I had forgotten myself, the woman, and not just the mother, the wife, the daughter, the sister and the friend. I chose my clothes between two races for the house, the grocery store and all these daily tasks that quickly take up all the space in our daily life.

JI did not take the time to dare to buy different clothes from my usual jeans and t-shirts. The lack of confidence in me made me choose loose clothes, comfortable, but basic look.My reorientation of career leads me now to take word in front of people, to hold conferences, in short to have attention. To be able to cope with this attention, I had to work on my self-esteem and on my annoying tendency to be too demanding on myself. I am sure that many of you recognize it. ;)

The inspiring moment

The click happened a few weeks ago. I listened to a "live" on Facebook of a mom entrepreneur. She explained that now she allows herself to dare to put herself forward, to put herself in beauty, for her, for her personal confidence. His words immediately lit a flame in me that had been almost extinct for about 14 years (you guess my tallest boy is 14 years old). This taste of feeling beautiful, but not only for others, but for me!

Go forward, gently and kindly

So where do we start when our exterior no longer corresponds to our interior? You know that annoying tendency that I mentioned at the beginning of the text, it prowled, but I went there slowly and with kindness. A little dress here, a new mascara by then, little by little I allowed myself the right to spoil myself. But I had not found what I was looking for either clothes that represent my values, comfortable, while having style..

Self-discovery, by clothing

This is where Message Factory came into my life. I remembered my visit to their booth at the Grande Braderie in Montreal last year. I fell in love with this Quebec designer. Their clothes gave off a positive energy, a creativity out of the ordinary. The fact that their clothes are made locally in Montreal with recycled and organic fibers has also joined my values. I had given myself a tunic that I still wear almost every week!

ASo when it came time to shop for clothes to spoil me, I decided to go to their shop in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. This is where I finally found what I was looking for years. Clothes carrying messages, words that inspire me. In the fitting room, I felt beautiful for the first time in a long, long time.

Self-esteem, recognizing oneself is the work of a lifetime. By donning these clothes with inspiring messages, I continue this work with conviction, but also with gentleness and kindness towards myself.

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