What Is Eco-Friendly Clothing From Quebec?

It is well known that ethical fashion is experiencing a significant growth in the clothing and fashion industry in Quebec. We also know that entrepreneurs in the sector are more than ever aware of ecological values and best practices. Nevertheless, do we really know what an ecological garment made in Quebec is, except that it comes from a local company? Message Factory takes the time to answer this question in detail in this article: from the creation of the ecological garment to its biodegradation.

How Are Ecological And Fair Trade Clothes Made In Quebec?

If there is more than one way to design an ecological garment in Quebec, certain fundamental criteria must still be respected, such as:

  • The design, creation, grading, cutting and manufacturing must be done exclusively in Quebec.
  • All collaborations are with local manufacturers, working in Quebec only.
  • The use of ecologically clean factory processes that respect Quebec labor rights and standards.
  • Recycling of surplus textiles.
  • Use as much as possible (at least 75%) of ecological and recycled fabrics knitted in Canada.

It is crucial to consider how these eco-friendly garments made in Quebec will be consumed afterward. For example, at Message Factory, we take the time to educate our customers on the care required for sustainable clothing. By limiting the number of washes, using cold water, little or no dryer and by wearing our clothes longer, the consumer can also contribute to increasing the life span of the clothes. Moreover, this good practice seems to be unanimously accepted by the community of clothing designers to which we are more than proud to belong.

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Organic Or Recycled Fabrics

Obviously, the fabrics used in the manufacture of Quebec ecological clothing are a determining variable in the ethical fashion equation. The durability of the garment is a major eco-responsible value. It is therefore necessary to design a solid garment, while using ecological materials. In other words, pieces that are both future-proof and possibly biodegradable or that have a second life (recycled fabrics). Fortunately, the local market offers ecological fabrics from controlled environments of great quality! For its part, Message Factory relies on organic fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, organic denim and more. But in the end, it's the perfect match between our expertise in design and eco-friendly garment manufacturing that allows us to stand out.

The Advantages Of Organic Fabrics

It's amazing how many benefits there are to making eco-friendly clothing from such fabrics. Aside from the fact that their purchase contributes to the local economy, these eco-friendly materials promise:

  • A more durable garment due to its design and the known more wear-resistant nature of organic fabrics.
  • A hypoallergenic garment (in most cases): the fibers are not chemically treated in the factory and are naturally antibacterial.
  • Soft and comfortable pieces, non-irritating to the skin.
  • A complete degradation in nature, without emission of toxic gases like those emanating from the decomposition of fabrics like acrylic, nylon and polyester.

    Watch Out For Greenwashing

    We all want to benefit from the advantages of eco-responsible clothing. Protecting the planet is at the heart of our values, as it is for many of our customers. Today's consumers must take the time to become well informed in order to make informed choices. Take for example certain large banners that seduce our eco-responsible goodwill with seals such as "designed in Quebec"... What does "designed" mean, are they designed here, but manufactured overseas? This nuance may seem subtle, but it makes all the difference if the consumer thinks he is buying a 100% Quebec product.

    It is therefore essential to be well informed on the real origin of the garment and its components.  Although we are becoming more and more educated on the best methods of designing and manufacturing ecological clothing in Quebec, some marketing tricks remain. These subterfuges throw smoke in the eyes of consumers and ultimately encourage them to make choices that sometimes go against their eco-responsible values... Vigilance is required.

    Where Can You Find Eco-Friendly Clothing in Quebec?

    Currently, there is a wide range of authentic and quality products on the market for eco-friendly clothing made in Quebec. At Message Factory, we are motivated to offer you timeless lines for all styles and budgets. Curious to see what a garment looks like when it is made according to the best eco-friendly practices? Discover our customers' favorites, essentials, new items and more on our boutique.

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