Show me your favorite shoes and I'll tell you what to wear!

What to wear with your favorite shoes this spring ...

Spring is finally here and it's time to do a good wardrobe cleaning to get rid of the stuff you no longer wear. Take a few minutes to analyze each item of clothing and ask yourself the key questions: Do I wear it often? Will I still need it? Is it still portable (too small, too large, tired)? Once your analysis is complete, store the clothes and accessories intended for donations, sales or exchanges between friends in recyclable bags.

Now that your household is complete, you have the mad desire to introduce some novelties to your wardrobe. But how do you make the right choices? What to choose from the spring trends that you will wear often and keep for a long time.

One of the main principles of wardrobe organization is to buy only what goes with what you already have. It is an economical, but also ecological, way of proceeding, because very often clothes that do not coordinate with something else, risk staying in our cupboards forever.

Based on this principle, why not make choices based on our favorite shoes? Our team had fun taking 3 models of shoes that the majority of women have, in order to offer spring looks that fit perfectly!

Block heels

Impossible to deny the comfort and stability of the block heel. Many classic models with relatively low block heels are up to date. To avoid an overly conventional look, combine them with current and urban clothing and accessories.

Sky color Jelly Bean dress in recycled cotton knit

Capucine black dress in organic cotton

White nasturtium printed dress in organic cotton


They are rarely part of new trends, but let's be honest, all women have them! They are easy to wear and practical. Pair them with clothes of a more sporty type. Ideal for shopping.

Leila Imagine organic cotton dress

Zahara dress with integrated support

White Cassis top in organic cotton + Mandarin black Capris in Tencel


We have not yet finished seeing the sneakers paired with dress clothes to create confo-chic looks. What a joy to wear a dress or a more formal outfit with sneakers! A perfect choice for work, outings and trips!

Hollyhock tunic + Organic denim pants + White Living Camisole

Walnut organic cotton T-shirt + Jujube hemp pants

Tencel jumpsuit

The shoes presented in our looks are courtesy of Chaussures Pierre Roy located in St-Jean-sur Richelieu

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