10 eco-friendly gift ideas to offer this Christmas!

Green Gifts

It's always a challenge to stay true to our green values during the holiday season. A good way to do this is to offer useful, eco friendly and locally made products. By doing so, you give people here the guarantee of a fair income and you reduce your impact on the environment. We are also convinced that the people who receive your gift will be impressed to know the story behind your present and that they will be charmed by your choices.

Gift ideas that make the planet and the local economy happy

Here are our suggestions for gifts that are 100% Canadian and made from eco-friendly or recycled materials. 

A comfortable jacket or a sweater for outdoor days ($150)

The Estelle jacket and the Victor sweater are made in Quebec from knitting recycled wool, a soft, supple material that will keep you warm. These are the perfect clothes for relaxing by the fire after your outdoor activities. 


 Victor veste demi-zip

Comfort at all times, even under what you wear (40$)

Our underwear made from fabric scraps from our previous productions are always very popular. This trio of organic cotton bikini panties is absolutely comfortable! Choose the desired size and you will receive a selection of 3 panties in various colors and patterns. 


To each his own OÖM ETHIKWEAR  ($65 and under)


OÖM ETHIKWEAR offers high quality short or long sleeve t-shirts that no longer have to be presented. Made from organic cotton or rayon from bamboo, they are by far the softest and most durable on the market. All that remains is to choose the colour or design that speaks to you. 

And relaxation gift set or one kitchen gift set made from our fabric scraps (between $50 and $80)

Our zero waste gift sets made from our fabric scraps will delight the hearts of your friends of all ages. 

The relaxation set contains, an eye mask, a candle and the world's softest bamboo rayon fleece comforter.

This set contains 3 reusable scouring pads, a Plantish (coconut and olive oil) dish soap bar and two round trivets.  Hand-crocheted from excess cord bias, making pads and trivets helps us eliminate wasted fabrics

Nice women clothing with prints for those who love words ($75 to $150)

The collection Message Factory it's also messages that give us the courage to move mountains and make the world a little more beautiful every moment.


Wrap green with our Furoshiki wrappers of reusable fabrics. ($13 and under)

Yes, it is possible to preserve the pleasure of wrapping and unwrapping while remaining eco-responsible. Our reusable packaging, available in two sizes and in 3 colors, will allow you to wrap everything you want to put under the tree without feeling sorry for wasting paper. 



Can't find the perfect gift? Get a gift card!


Giving useful, ecological and locally made gifts is a good way to take care of the planet and those who live on it. 


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