The inconvenient name [Mè-Sage Fak-Tho-Ree]

For some time, many people have asked me why our brand name, which I always pronounce in French, is English. So today, I wanted to explain to you the origin of the name. 

First I have to tell you that I didn't really choose him, he rather came to me. So I leave my business; Message Factory tells you its own story.

A short story of a purely Quebec company whose trademark sounds English...

Julie Rochefort, the creator of Message Factory was born in Sherbrooke to parents from Saguenay. Her first spouse from Sorel was of English origin. She learned English late, waking up in the morning to the sound of CHUM FM Montreal. Julie considers the planet as her home, she believes in the importance of culture to create history and preserve diversity. But, she does not believe in the culture which serves as a pretext to build walls and cause wars. 


In 2005, Julie is sitting on her gallery in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu cradling her youngest. This is where she slips into her imagination and wonders what to do with her life. I said to him: I am here... my name is Message Factory: MESSAGE PRONOUNCED IN FRENCH AND FACTORY IN ENGLISH. 

Yes yes, no kidding, do you like to write? So you're going to create this inspiring message factory! You know, a kind of imaginary factory like in the Tim Burton movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...Julie and the Message Factory; an imaginary factory that will send inspiring messages all over the world. No smoke, no pollution, just letters that will escape from our chimneys to form words in all the languages of the world! Eco-responsible clothing that we will manufacture at home in Quebec and that will bring inspiring and joyful thoughts. Julie, you have to bring MESSAGE FACTORY to life! This is how, with colored pencils and a few white sheets, Julie drew me. The first Message Factory messages are then written:

“Sacred fire; contagious force used to work the greatest miracles”

 “What if we invented a dream bigger than ourselves and let it carry us to infinity”

“Rabies: Disease that drives you mad. He is not mad who knows how to choose his madness and abandon himself to it” 

and it goes on for pages and pages until the first garment design.

Over time, the designs became a collection of clothing with Julie's signature. Her breath took shape, and in 2008, Julie even installed a sign displaying MESSAGE FACTORY LA BOUTIQUE on the front of the head office in the heart of St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. This is where a team was formed and retailers joined us to distribute Julie's messages beyond our borders. For 15 years, we have been carrying our messages mainly in French all over this planet through our clothes made in Quebec. 

2 brands; a mission!

A few years ago, Julie also adopted a Montreal competitor named OÖM ETHIKWEAR; eco-responsible clothing also made locally. A brand whose founder, the Quebecer Pascal Benaksas-Couture had a free spirit, and, like Julie, the ambition to spread his dream around the world. Me, Message Factory and my adopted brother OÖM ETHIKWEAR, we now travel side by side, like two old companions proud of our origins. We never hesitate to communicate in multiple languages, because the planet is our home. Our suppliers and our team are from here. Our clients are called Catherine, Sophie, Fadhila, Emmy, Kerry, Sophia, Emmanuella, Martin, Peter, Tom and Moustafa. They speak different languages and they are of all the colors of the human race. They appreciate the quality of our clothes and our messages even if I often transmit them in a language that is not always theirs. Finally, my name is Message Factory, my name is bilingual just like Julie my creator and I am proud of who we are!

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Salut & bravo!!!! Je vous adore! Depuis plusieurs années ! Merci.

Enccore des messages… svp sinon, je peux peut-être vous en offrir! Je suiis pas pire pantoute là-dedans!

Sylvie Halde March 01, 2022

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