Travelling? 5 easy tips to get your travelling clothes ready

5 easy tips to get your travelling clothes ready

It's the time of year when glittering snowflakes, the joy of winter sports and even the warmth of a wood fire are no longer enough to appreciate Quebec's winter ... Like many other Quebeckers, you might be planning for a small (or a big) trip south this month. Unless you are one of those, who are more patient. Your trip planning might be for the summer of 2019 as a family, in a unique destination.

Whatever it is, whether it's your first trip or you're an experienced globe-trotter, wherever you go, we never have enough tips and advice on pre-trip preparation. Learn how Message Factory clothing can simplify your vacation and especially equip you with items that you can wear for many occasions.

Before you start choosing your traveling clothes, pick versatile, lightweight luggage that's big enough to hold all your essentials. Depending on the type of trip, opt for a traditional suitcase ultimately on 4 wheels or a large multi-pocket backpack to store all your items. Duffle bags are somewhat inadvisable, they are difficult to transport challenging to organize. Remember to follow the instructions of your airline not to exceed the maximum weight of luggage.

1- Comfort

When it comes to planning a trip comfort is the top criteria in the choice of clothes to bring. Think first about the activities you want to do and learn about the temperature of the country or region. Pay particular attention to styles, but also to the choice of fabrics so that they are appropriate for your activities.

Natural fabrics such as organic cotton have excellent breathability and natural moisture control. A classic t-shirt such as the Walnut, lavender or even the Lavender tunic (for those who want a longer t-shirt) are essential items in any travel wardrobe. Our organic cotton t-shirts and tunics are made in Quebec. They are comfortable to wear, wrinkle-free, and compact in the suitcase, in addition to being offered in a beautiful range of colors and playful prints. Our organic cotton is blended with a little spandex to maximize stretch and comfort.

2- Versatility

Unlike natural fabrics such as organic cotton, synthetic materials such as Tencel (lyocell) as well as the blend of Tencel and recycled polyester will maximize your comfort for more physical activities. They also have absorbent properties (which we will talk about) that also ensure comfort.

Depending on the duration and destination, if you want to travel light, a versatile piece will be a crucial item during the trip. By choosing travel clothes that match and interchange, you'll significantly reduce the volume of your luggage. For example, a tunic that can be worn over the swimsuit in the morning can turn into a casual outfit in the evening with a 3/4 legging. Limiting the number of clothes in a suitcase is always an asset. A good example is our sleeveless Fougère tunic ... arranged with the ultra-practical corsair or the Hollyhock dress!

It is also possible that your travel destination requires you to wear a little more formal clothing in the evening, such as for a cruise or dinner in more chic restaurants with dress codes. Go for cruises dresses or casual dresses that can transform easily with the addition of jewelry, accessories or just a more elegant sandal. The Leila dress, Aubergine dress and Souris Verte are excellent examples.

3- Weigth

Another critical factor in choosing travel clothes is weight. To avoid overweight baggage, it is best to bring light clothes. Bamboo fiber is the lightest used in the design of our clothes. It is also popular for traveling because it doesn't wrinkle as much, it's very soft, in addition to absorbing body moisture. Fabrics such as linen or hemp are also excellent choices because they have an elegant side and are ultra-lightweight. Little advice; roll up your clothes, they will take up less space and will be less wrinkle!

4- Technical aspect

Some of us take trips to relax and rest, while others will be more active and do a lot of day excursions and sightseeing. The busy bunch will need travel clothes that breathe well, provide good moisture control and dry quickly. Tencel, the natural fiber of eucalyptus, protects against bacteria, absorbs moisture and also plays an isothermal role; by controlling the body temperature. Tencel (or Lyocell) is a fiber that comes straight from eucalyptus, it is an incredibly soft and very resistant fiber. Tencel fiber can absorb a lot of moisture while remaining dry on the outside. This type of fabric is strongly recommended for activities or excursions in warmer regions. You will keep a feeling of freshness, while odors and bacteria will not develop because the surface of the fabric remains dry. Message Factory uses this fiber for clothes in which we tend to move more and therefore sweat more... like Leggings, Corsairs, Zahara Dress, Skort, Cami Zinnia. These traveling clothes are all excellent bases to insert into your suitcase to combine comfort and performance.

5- Practicality

Did you know it? The best screen against the sun is clothing. For the protection of the skin against UV and heat, summer clothes are the ideal solution. More effective than some creams, they stop the radiation and protect longer! But not all materials have the same effect. Choose sturdy woven fabrics and dark colors such as recycled polyester. Finally, to finish your traveling clothes preparation, you have to make practical choices! The first thing is to choose items with pockets! Whether to store a room key, cell phone, camera ... you will appreciate the presence of pockets. Many of our tunics and dresses, as well as our hoodies, have pockets. Brooklyn hoodies will also be very useful to keep you warm in the evening, whether it's around a fire, on the beach or just reading a good book under a gentle breeze.

Oh no! Salsa on your dress ... Don't worry; a quick wash in cold water with a little light soap will be enough to clean your garment. Our second tip is to bring clothes that are easy to clean. All our fabrics are of high quality and easy to maintain. Wash in cold water and dry flat. No dryer or ironing.

Follow these 5 principles for travel planning and apply them for the other items required in your luggage (for example shoes, bathing suits, accessories) and you will be all set to enjoy these unforgettable moments!

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