Listen to your inner voice

I am like you; I wonder what 2022 will bring us. I am anxious by nature and I want to see the bright side. For a long time, we wanted to believe that everything would return to normal. But normal no longer exists.

We’ve been fighting an invisible opponent for over a year, putting pressure and extra stress on each other. In our moments of impatience, we treat even those we love as enemies. It’s “‘everyone for himself”. Trust in humanity has become an endangered species.

TIME OUT! I can’t take it anymore...

I would like to reset everything with a magic wand. We mourn our lost ones because of the pandemic, but the climate change storm is not over yet... This is a unique opportunity to question ourselves, to review our ways of life. Could a giggle be a peace treaty between two opponents? 

Right now, the whole world is questioning our future. Perhaps we now have an opportunity to rebuild according to new standards, taking into account the planet and all its species. Is this our chance to review our schedule, our business models, and our lifestyle?

I know it’s not easy. For the most part, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place; our family obligations, work, studies excluding the thousand, and one, items on our list. However, the price of ignoring our inner voice is much greater than the cost to redraw the rest of our lives.

I was told recently to review my priorities by a friend who is dying prematurely of cancer. I am simply conveying her message to you; life is short and deserves to be lived to the fullest and shared with those we love. No matter how much stress you put on yourself, how much money you earn or lose, absolutely nothing can change this undeniable truth.

TIME OUT! I want to live ...

Our planet deserves to be our priority. No matter what one wants to believe, we are all responsible for climate change. Whether you are a politician, a scientist, an artist, an entrepreneur, or a citizen, we can all take action at different levels to make the world a little greener. What quality or skill do you have that could make a difference?

How can, Julie Rochefort, get involved? Recycle, buy less, shop local and organic. Implement a zero-waste plan at Message Factory in 2022. Collaborate with other entrepreneurs who share my vision. Better communicate and share efforts to raise awareness. Slowly, my planet list is growing.

By listening to our inner voice, we can help redesign a better world.

What is on your bucket list? What would you like to accomplish before you leave this world? Make your list or revise the one you already have. Write the things that are bothering you or that you would like to change in each sphere of your life. Rome wasn’t built in one day! Set short-term and long-term goals. Set dates to make it more achievable. Review your agenda to include the items on your list. This will take time and willpower. Time is a luxury that most of us take for granted. All the more reason to start now!

Once the list is made, you must involve the ones you love! Perhaps, encourage them to do the same thing, let them know how they can be involved in your different plans. Make appointments with everyone as needed. Discuss, exchange, and open the door to new ways of doing. Whether it is with a friend, a child, a colleague, or a client; the process is the same. It will stir and maybe challenge relationships, but in the end, it will be positive. We have to put color back in our lives and make the sun shine! Everyone should feel better, see a brighter future and make you smile from the inside. Every little change makes it possible to align with one’s mission in life. And that feels good!

The world is changing and we are being hit hard. There is no looking back. We have to move and make the right choices. The only way to do that is to listen to our inner voice. It will illuminate the road we must take to appreciate those and what surrounds us.

TIME OUT! I'm listening to my inner voice, and you?

P.S. I take this opportunity to acknowledge my affection. You may be one of those who have seen me stress or argued with this year, you may be a client who proves to me every day that it is possible to have a job that respects our deepest values. In any case, I am happy to share with you my plan to redesign my life in the coming year 😊 I hope that your little inner voice opens the doors of a world of possibilities.



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