Ideas to give yourself oxygen and stay positive!

Let the masks fall down.

2023 would be the first year of my second half of life if I lived up to a 100 years. It will also be the year when the war in Ukraine drags on with all its consequences, women's safety and rights continue to decline in many places, and uncertainty and inflation persist. How can I write a positive and inspiring message for the beginning of the year when I, myself, feel like curling into a ball?   I feel like sending a warning that the plane is about to crash and that according to regulations, we must put on our own oxygen masks before helping others around us. I give you a few ideas to give yourself some oxygen and stay positive this year!

Be positive despite uncertainty.

What if 2023 was the year we gave ourselves oxygen first? I'll admit it right off the bat, this is something I am not good with. I’m anxious for my family, for my business, for the planet... Humbly, I observe. To be healthy collectively, we need to take care of ourselves first. Like many, I am at the end of my rope, I try to stay positive and appreciate every moment, but it’s difficult. Business is tough and I'm not ready to give up my values for profit. I plan to enjoy my second half of life more! ;)  

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Tips to overcome unhappiness

So, in 2023, I am committed to taking care of myself first. This is not a big therapy or a strategic plan. It is just small gestures to counteract the pains of daily life. The best way to navigate uncertainty is to make ourselves feel better and focus on the little things we can control. Disconnect as much as possible from bad news and doomsayers. Let's avoid the stress that turns into anxiety and makes you sick by taking steps to avoid it. Let's enjoy the moments of happiness.

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Reconnect with what makes us shine. If we don't have the green thumb, the time, or the energy to create a garden, let's be content with tending a small flower or some fine herbs. If we don't have the strength to go for a run, let's go for a walk to enjoy the fresh air or a blue or starry sky. We don't feel like reading a book, so why not  listen to one? We should choose  little things for ourself that calm us down and make life more enjoyable. What if we took a cue from Alcoholics Anonymous and prayed for the serenity to accept the things we can't change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to recognize the difference. 


Preserve our inner peace by prioritizing our values.

Even though I feel a little worn out, I will not give up on my beliefs. It is important to me to promote responsible consumption, to upcycle, and to produce locally with sustainable materials. I remain committed to protecting the planet and the people living on it. Although we are still not unanimous, more and more of us share the same convictions and act accordingly. As a result of this, I feel more and more hopeful about the future.  


Even if I see that 2023 is coming with its share of uncertainties, I am ready to accept it with serenity. I will keep doing good and doing it well, even if I don't know the path I will take to get there. I am being asked by my head and body to take care of myself and to leave my door open. I encourage you to do the same, as we will need each other to make the world a better place.If you feel like it, don't hesitate to share these few tips to give yourself oxygen and stay positive this year! 

Cheers 2023!




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Merci Julie et quel beau texte de réflexion! Tu as une belle plume et tu écris avec ton coeur. Oui, tu as le droit de penser à toi afin de poursuivre ton cheminement. Je te souhaite pour l’année 2023: paix-joie-amour-bonheur et SANTÉ!

Pauline C. Roy February 18, 2023

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