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Best ways to wear Capris and Cropped Pants

Many women turn to shorts when the weather warms up. However, not everyone wants to show off their upper legs. What are other great alternatives to shorts and short skirts? Capri and crop pants are the perfect solution for women who want to stay cool and comfortable while wearing pants that provide modest coverage. Some women may find it challenging to find the right type of capri or crop pants to fit their shape. With the right styling, pairing, and length, women of all body shapes can find capri and crop pants they'll enjoy wearing all summer long.

What Is the Difference Between Crop and Capri Pants?

The main difference between crop and capri pants is the length of the leg hem. Capri pants usually fall just below the knee, similar to Bermuda shorts. Crop pants, on the other hand, fall below the knee to just above the ankle. Both capri and crop pants are easy to wear during the spring, summer, and fall.

 Crop Pants

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Crop pants have a longer length and tend to have flared legs. Many fashion designers feel that this style of pants is flattering for most women. It's easier to style crop pants with a variety of tops for various occasions. You can wear anything from heels to ankle boots with crop pants. They look semi-dressy with an off-the-shoulder blouse tucked into the waistband, or you can create a casual look with denim crop pants and a tankini perfect for a stroll on the beach and lunch afterward.

Capri Pants

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The hem of capri pants falls to just the knee or mid-calf and well above the ankle. You want to wear capri pants for exercising, jogging, running errands, and casual occasions. Women love wearing capri pants for their comfort, trendy styling, and versatility during the summer months. Capri pants are easy to toss into a suitcase when traveling, and you can wear them during a road trip, on an airplane, or to the smoothie shop for an afternoon pick-me-up.

How to Choose Crop and Capri Pants?

For crop pants, look for ones that fall between the knee and ankle and have flared legs. Crop pants are more like trousers than capris, so you may want ones made from denim that have pockets and belt loops. For a more upscale look with crop pants, pick a pair made from sustainably sourced linen that comes with a narrow waistband, no pockets, and that looks feminine paired with a short flouncy blouse.

Capris are your summer casual pants used for exercising, working around the house, or playing at the park with the kids. Find capri pants for women that hit just below the knee, have enough stretch for movement, and can be worn with tunics, sweatshirts, T-shirts, or tank tops. If you want to add excitement to your capri pants outfit, look for capris with bold colors, floral prints, or abstract designs.

How to Wear Capris or Cropped Pants With Style?

Choosing the right length of your capri or cropped pants is essential for flattering your shape and creating a style you'll feel comfortable wearing. In addition, pairing the pants with the right top and shoes can give your outfit a well-proportioned appearance. Keep in mind that wearing capri and crop pants are best suited for casual activities and events as it's often challenging trying to create an elegant outfit with these styles of pants. To help you with your capri pant inspiration, here are a few styling tips.

 Wear Your Capri Pants With Tunics

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One of the best reasons to wear a tunic top with your capri pants is that the outfit defines the rule of thirds when it comes to fashion. You have a longer top with a shorter length of pants that draws the eye to the hem of the tunic. Tunics are ideal to wear with tight capris or midcalf-length leggings. Wearing a tunic with capris is flattering on all body shapes, and you can elevate the outfit by wearing white denim capri pants with an embroidered tunic made from organic cotton and paired with feminine ballet flats.

Wear Your Capri Pants With a Shorter Top

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Short tops look great with capris as this ensemble again follows the rule of thirds. Capri leggings with a sports top give you plenty of freedom for movement to hold poses and perform your exercises. For a cute summer outfit when shopping with friends, wear a pair of denim capri pants with a halter-style crop top. Finish this ensemble with high-top sneakers that have graphic designs painted on them.


 Wear Your Capri Pants With Running Shoes

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Many women wear capri pants to exercise or jog in. Pair your capri pants with your favorite pair of running shoes and an exercise shirt made from moisture-wicking Tencel fabric. This outfit can carry you from the gym or track straight to the coffee shop without having to change your clothes.

Using the Rule of Thirds

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Many fashion experts find that when women dress using the rule of thirds, it creates the most pleasing proportions to help flatter any woman's shape. The base of this rule is to divide your outfit and look with a 1:3 to 2:3 ratio. Having a longer top like a tunic paired with capri or crop pants helps create a slimming effect. Or, you can reverse the proportion by wearing a short top with high-waisted pants or skirts. Before leaving your house, look at your outfit in a full-length mirror and see if you've achieved the rule of thirds ratio for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

You can wear capris and cropped pants for a variety of casual and semi-formal occasions with inspiration from this guide. This style of pants is fun, versatile, comfortable, and the perfect pants to take with you on vacation. Dress in style when you pair the perfect top and shoes with your capris and cropped pants.


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