For someone who loves to get out of her comfort zone, 2020 has served me well. Many of us had it tough and were challenged, getting out of it bitten and divided by this very special year. But at the same time, this last year shed light on our great capacities for resilience, perseverance and tremendous goodness. As 2020 comes to an end, instinctively we would like to pass it on review, forget the hardest and move on to something else. Nevertheless, the crisis keeps us on the alert. Our weariness and discomfort do not change anything; we must adapt to survive. The vaccine that arrives will surely help save lives and prevent the wave from turning into a tsunami. However, the fact remains that we will still have to adapt to survive. Because the mother of viruses is not dead and we are not gods. We are human beings. That is our strength and also our weakness; it is our intelligence that sometimes gives us the impression of being more brilliant than mother nature to the point of defying its laws and destroying the ecosystem on which we depend. It is also our intelligence that makes us believe that we are better than others and that makes us behave badly, triggering contempt, condescension, easy criticism and also without forgetting human stupidity. In the jungle, by ourselves, no one last long, we need a group to survive. Together we are bright enough to turn the impossible into a possibility and protect each other.
Last March, I was not sure that my local ecoresponsible clothing company would survive the Covid-19. But luckily for me, with the crisis came the reviewing of our priorities as a society and all of a sudden, buying local became the flavour of the day. This has allowed a number of companies like mine to make themselves known to a greater number. From that, came more customers …
The power of a community... Thanks to you, I was able to rehire Daniel, Patricia, Josianne, Cathia and Carole. I was also able to hire Guylaine, Fadhila, Sylvie, Julie and Josée. I gave back contracts to Emmanuella, Karina, Marc, Clive, Maryse, Michel, Sébastien, César, Jean-François and many others. This is humanity and the strength of the group! Without you I would never have been able to do it and without them Message Factory and Oöm Ethikwear would not exist. Together, we can revisit our lifestyles and consumption habits and make this world a good place to live in for all living species.
From this last year, we were able to see the ugliest and most beautiful part of our humanity.
2021 awaits us with its share of challenges, but remember that we still have the power to choose in whom and in what we want to believe. Each of us has our share of shadow and light. We must always choose which of the two we want to feed. In survival mode, it is a good time to drop the futility and choose to make good action for our community, our planet and ourselves. It is essential to be vigilant and critical because we are all part of the solution. We should also think of raising our hats high to those on the front lines who dedicated themselves to save humanity, because they are not gods they are just ordinary people like you and me who, trying to do extraordinary things. Will we be among those who hide behind their screens to lower humanity to its lowest level or those who make gestures of love, kindness and common sense? The shadow or the light? It is up to us to choose and I beg you to do it. The vaccine alone will not be enough to save us. 
I join my voice to the Message Factory team to tell you how grateful we are to you for allowing us to work at carrying the flame. We wish you a holiday full of love, joy and warmth.


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Très beau message. Merci pour cette belle lumière mise en mots pour nous tous.

J’ai connu votre entreprise grâce à la pandémie et vos masques.

Je compte aller en boutique faire mes prochains achats. Car j’adore votre approche et votre respect de la nature ainsi que votre souci de l’environnement à travers votre industrie, qui est l’une des plus polluantes. Alors bravo pour votre conscience et les beaux vêtements que vous créer.

Merci pour notre mère terre et votre conscience.

Bonne continuité!!!

Carole April 19, 2021

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