The art of cultivating haste for more happiness!

In the era of instantaneity, the accessibility of information, fast food, fast fashion, there is a beautiful feeling closely linked to happiness that we cultivate very rarely: haste.

Having more and more easy access to credit, to the possibility of paying our goods and services in 108 installments, we move away, unconsciously, from this feeling of haste. We talk a lot about cultivating joy, gratitude, slowing down. In a process of personal growth, one of the next salutary steps is to learn to appreciate, to cultivate haste. Haste is a transformative feeling, for life in general, but also in the way of consuming.


The haste that we want to cultivate is not the one we want to transport ourselves to in a future moment in order to escape what is not going well in the here and now. We rather want to cultivate a hurry of excitement, which is savored at the mercy of the various stages towards this moment that makes us languish so much. This haste refers to the precious moments, to what is savored in slowness, where each stage of the process is a moment of joy and gratitude in itself. But how is it possible when you have access to everything you want, quickly?

Think about it for a moment. What was the last time you looked forward to it? Aside from the summer holidays, a big event, or Christmas. The image of the frenzy that precedes the holiday season, the popularity of the calendars of Advent confirms this need to feel the haste to raise its level of happiness. When we are in a hurry, we live a happiness in the waiting, which is sometimes bigger than that of the day J. And it is correct as well.

How to cultivate more haste everyday? Taking stock of our consumption habits is a great start. In conscious buying, haste is an integral part of the equation. There is this waiting time in a hurry to go to a clearance sale to see what's new, this waiting time before getting a quality article, that we look languidly for a while. There is even the hurry of time to amass the budget needed to acquire the object of his desire. This time is necessary to feel the other strong emotions that will follow. The pride of having this good, the feeling of cherishing it, of taking care of it, of understanding how and why it is good for us.

It is this feeling of haste that makes the difference between the joy of opening your closet and discovering clothes that are as precious to each other as we are to our heart. Or to see clothes whose buying emotion was ephemeral.

In a conscious buying process, haste is paramount. It tempers the impulsive side often associated with the purchase, thus validating that it is indeed a real desire of the heart. I can only praise the slowness to get you to taste the hustle and bustle in your everyday life. In the little things of everyday life, for more happiness! Do you remember the last time you were in a hurry?


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